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Specializing in Musculo-skeletal conditions, anti-aging acu-face lifts, stress management, emotional balancing treatments


Weight Loss  Utilize Successful Virtual Gastric Band Protocol

Personal transformation  Release stuck behaviors, unresourceful emotional states, fears, phobias, anxieties.

Business Mind Set  Create breakthroughs in your business

Anti-Aging – Create healthy longevity

Indigenous / Intuitive healing:

Intuitive healing, Healing Circles, Cacao Cermeonies, Kambo treatments, Healing Retreats


Imagine having the power to unlock the hidden recesses of your mind and reshape your thoughts, behaviors, and aspirations effortlessly. Hypnosis, an artful blend of science and suggestion, possesses an uncanny ability to guide individuals toward personal breakthroughs by bypassing conscious resistance and directly engaging the subconscious. Through using hypnotic techniques one can skillfully rewire neural pathways and seamlessly dismantle limiting beliefs, shatter persistent habits, gain control over unwanted feelings and behaviors, and cultivate a life by design. It's like wielding a mental magnifying glass that focuses the sun's rays to ignite profound change. Just as a sculptor chisels away excess to reveal the masterpiece within the stone, hypnosis empowers you to sculpt your mind to carve out the best version of yourself. Are you ready to step into the realm of limitless possibilities and harness the potent force of your subconscious mind to shape the life you've always envisioned? Your journey to personal empowerment and transformation begins here.


Acupuncture Oriental Medicine
the body connection

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) is a holistic healing system that originated in ancient China and throughout Asia practiced for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that the body's vital energy, known as Qi (pronounced "chee"), flows along meridians or pathways throughout the body. When the Qi is balanced and flowing freely, the body physiology is in a state of health, but when there are blockages or imbalances, disease and discomfort can occur.

The primary technique used in AOM is acupuncture, which involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into specific points along the meridians to stimulate the flow of Qi and restore balance. This process is virtually painless and is often accompanied by a deep sense of relaxation. This healing systems is capable to prevent and to treat illness.

Acupuncture has been extensively researched, and many studies have found positive effects and benefits of acupuncture for various conditions. These conditions include pain management, nausea and vomiting, migraine headaches, osteoarthritis, chronic low back pain, and others. It has also shown clinically effectiveness in respiratory, circulatory, and digestive/gut issues, woman's health, weight loss, and Musculo-skeletal problems.

Indigenous / Intuitive Healing

*Intuitive Healing - Many cultures have healing traditions either hands on, or in ceremony to cultivate healing of an individuals sprit and body. Cynthia uses a combination of Chinese Medical Qi Gong and “Qi Healing”, Ayurevedic “prana healing”, Peruvian Shamanic techniques, Reiki, and Cranial sacral therapies in her intuitive treatments.

*Kambo - Kambo frog detoxification, originating from the Amazon jungles, is a powerful and traditional healing ritual that has been used for centuries by indigenous communities. The secretion from the Kambo frog is carefully applied to small burns on the skin, allowing potent peptides and bioactive compounds to enter the body. This purification process is used to stimulate the immune system, detoxify the body, and promote physical and emotional well-being. Many individuals have found relief from various ailments, increased energy levels, and a profound sense of mental clarity and spiritual connection from this detoxifying healing.

*Cacao - 
Cacao ceremonies trace their origins back to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, where cacao was revered as a sacred and medicinal plant. The Mayans and Aztecs used cacao in rituals to connect with the divine and facilitate spiritual insights. Cacao ceremonies are a practice that celebrates heart-opening experiences. In the ceremony, participants consume a cacao elixir containing high-quality, 100% unprocessed cacao which aims to promote mindfulness, emotional healing, and inner reflection, creating a space for self-discovery, gratitude, and profound connection with oneself and others. Cacao's natural compounds, such as theobromine and anandamide, can support an elevated mood and feelings of bliss, making for an uplifting experience for both the body and soul.

*Healing Circles or Retreats - Cynthia works with a consortium on healers and can design specialized retreats for business teams and other groups to promote healing, transformation, increased performance, and team building.

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I really want to work with clients who are into healthy longevity, want to create personal breakthroughs or want to redesign themselves and do a series for business mindset and creating breakthroughs there.

I really want to work with clients who are into healthy longevity, want to create personal breakthroughs or want to redesign themselves and do a series for business mindset and creating breakthroughs there.

Cynthia O'Donnell

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Indigenous / Intuitive healing
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